The first Hoboken BoE live stream ever!

For those who viewed the live stream, MSV hopes you enjoyed the important approval of the BoE budget.  There were some technical challenges – beaming this out from a basement on only a 3G network but the whole meeting was telecast.  Not entirely glitch free, the last six key minutes of the meeting were preserved with a software problem but still capturing a discussion with Business Administrator Robert Davis and Board member Theresa Minutillo and Board President Rose Marie Markle leading into the final approval vote.

The discussion actually reveals some of the work leading to the superb efforts by Superintendent Carter and BA Robert Davis to make cuts without hurting the classroom or cutting any teaching jobs.  The crowd was very enthusiastic and almost the entire board too.  Board member Maureen Sullivan who is trying to gain a moral victory for her Real Results ticket tried in vain to get Robert Davis to reclassify the reductions in the budget to a smaller figure of a couple of million.  Her no vote was the lone one in opposition and her comments were met with applause by one solitary person even though the four Real Results members were also in attendance in the filled to capacity meeting.  Several teachers also spoke in gratitude for the efforts to bring about the “real results” in this budget.

Board member Jimmy Farina acknowledged this as the first ever reduced budget that he witnessed, lauded that achievement as well. April 20th, the public weighs in voting on both the BoE candidates and the budget.

With so many NJ school districts facing dire outcomes, this is really an achievement for Hoboken.  Congratulations to the entire BoE, the board members and administration who worked to bring about this outcome.

This clip runs six minutes.

More big news: Frank “Pupie” Raia announced his withdrawal from the race via letter dated March 29th, citing a conflict being on the HoLa Board of Trustees.  He originally believed he could also serve on the BoE and abstain on matters related directly to the HoLa Charter School.  Learning this was not the case, he choose to withdraw from the BoE race and continue to support the new charter program.  The withdrawal leaves his former slate recently formed of Ken Howitt and Kyelia Colon to continue their respective runs without him.

The clip announcing Frank Raia’s withdrawal and the Superintendent’s report mentioning the praise from Education Commissioner Bret Schundler can be viewed below:

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Andrew Tavani was in attendance as well and posted an excellent story at


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