The Complete City Council Forum Videos

The Council Forum videos from last week are available on the top right of the page directly under the logo.  They will be available for review at your convenience any time leading into the election.  MSV understands the taped version for TV is not loaded yet.  Spread the word folks can see them here.

The Hudson Reporter debate held earlier is now posted and available too.  They don’t have all of it up but other than the usual double talk you get from some and love of items unloved earlier by others, the word on the street is the war between Tim Occhipinti and Rami Pinchevsky was quite interesting.

More on that to come.  Stevens will be hosting a candidate debate primarily for its students between 4:00 and 6:00, Babbio Center Room 122.  Among the students will be the usual political operatives.

After that MSV will be springing some additional surprises.

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