City Council Showdown tonight @ 7:00

Tonight’s City Council meeting is another packed agenda but MSV is especially interested to see how the resolution beginning a review of Councilman Mike Russo’s seat on the Hoboken Housing Authority plays out.  Some rumors suggest Mike Russo may not be attending due to the recent passing of his grandmother.

That would be an interesting development but don’t count on it as the Russo-Mason ‘majority’ is aghast at any discussion of corruption.  The mere word coming up in candidate forums makes Beth Mason break out into a sweat and she loses her composure in short order.  She’ll be happy to talk about the former Public Safety Director and his meetings when he ran with Peter Cammarano but she doesn’t want to discuss her close ally Mike Russo anymore – that she’s made abundantly clear in talking about anything and everything but a just punishment for his selling Hoboken out.  (The short edited clips of Mike’s greatest hits are on the right.)

As the citywide council races are about to go high octane, MSV is hearing a number of rumors and can’t detail them all without further review.  But there’s something afoot beyond the paper ballot scam and perhaps a similar plan to urge businesses to take down signs supporting reform candidates.

We’ve heard of two unrelated incidents.  One in midtown where a man entered and claimed to represent the reform candidate saying the sign up would incur a fine and should be taken down.  Another far more ominous where two men in uniform expressed either disdain or urged a business owner they did not take kindly to seeing a reform candidate’s sign in the window.

Is this part of a trend or just typical Hoboken election tactics as we head into a defining Hoboken election?

Talking Ed Note: We’ll be back later with live coverage of the City Council meeting and uncensored chat.

If you haven’t seen it, Hoboken Patch has posted its latest interview with council candidates and this time it’s 5th ward council candidate Perry Belfiore.

5th ward council candidate Perry Belfiore and Hoboken Patch editor Claire Moses share a moment as he heads into the last City Council meeting during the protest against Councilman Mike Russo.  Later he would speak in chambers saying Councilman Russo needed to say a couple of “mea culpas,” before moving on.

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