Freeholder Anthony Romano and Challenger Kurt Gardiner agree on two debates

The Hoboken Journal announces:

Gardiner vs. Romano – Let the Freeholder Debates Begin
Anthony “Stick” Romano and Kurt “The Giant” Gardiner have agreed to two debates for the upcoming Freeholder race coming this November. We both did so through a trusted intermediary who was offered the carrot and chomping at the bit for open debates (hint). The dates will be set after Labor Day. The debate will consist of one forum and one TV interview/debate at a County TV Show. Both campaigns will work out the exact format after the Summer. Stay tuned.
No, this won’t be Lincoln vs. Douglas like former Mayor Peter Cammarano turned felon (endorsed by Romano in 2009) once touted but it will a chance for the District 5 Freeholder constituents to see where the candidates stand on the issues. Think of it this way, the District went from having someone running unopposed and backed by the County Machine to running scared enough that he felt compelled to challenge his unknown challenger to not one but two debates. I of course readily accepted as I had planned on offering a debate challenge myself. I am humbled before the potential voter to at least be able to offer them a choice for this public office. Let the debates begin!
Attention Media and Constituents: This is the real deal as I called Anthony Romano in person today to confirm that we will work out the debates after Labor Day. Any follow up questions can be addressed to Feel free to reach out to me on concerns over Hudson County issues as well.

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