Councilman Tim Occhipinti supports Raia’s petition effort

Not surprisingly, Tim Occhipinti also came out publicly to support the petition by Frank “Pupie” Raia to reverse November municipal elections.

What’s fascinating is since Tim Occhipinti’s controversial election where problems were forwarded to the highest state law enforcement agency in New Jersey – the Attorney General’s Office, there’s never been any hesitancy to move on “5 majority members of the city council deciding,” for the public.

Occhipinti never thought a 5-4 vote necessitated a public referendum, or paused to act with any consensus on any issue whatsoever.  It was full steam(roller) ahead with the new Beth Russo “majority” – this even with no word from the AG’s office on the problems with his election.  Those issues forwarded by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office have not led to any bill of health since.

Occhipinti notes the deadline to collect 3,000 signatures is August 12th.  He’s thanked Frank Raia for his support after the controversial November election so it’s little surprise he’s backing the developer now.

Talking Ed Note: A commenter notes the correct petition figure is 2100, not the 3,000 noted by Occhipinti.

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