Frank Raia sentencing in voter fraud conspiracy delayed to November 19th

A short reprieve in the sentencing for Frank Raia convicted last July in federal court for directing a 2013 voter bribery conspiracy in Hoboken is rescheduled to November 19th.

The delay in sentencing is the third as he will be joined at the new sentencing date by soldier Dio Braxton who pleaded guilty for his role in voter fraud activities in the same 2013 Hoboken election.

Frank “Pupie” Raia chats with Michelle Russo in this exclusive
2011 photo at a City Council meeting as Dio Braxton (front) looks on.

Hudson County View first published the update on the rescheduled sentencing date and highlighted how Raia was undone by his friends and political associates of his social club on Jefferson Street.

Among those who testified last July against Raia, Matt Calicchio who was a political operative to the former second ward councilwoman Beth Mason, Michael Holmes and Freddie Frazier.

Calicchio earlier pleaded guilty for his role in voter fraud activities in both the 2013 and 2015 election and has seen his sentencing date last September postponed with no rescheduled date announced.

Both Holmes and Frazier testified last summer as cooperative federal witnesses with agreements in lieu of prosecution.

In 2014, a grassroots Reform Movement revolt formed against Raia, long believed involved in massive voter fraud activities involving the Hoboken Housing Authority residents.

 Raia sought another five-year term to his quarter-century service on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

 Kurt Gardiner took on City Hall and former mayor Dawn Zimmer who had put up no opposition to Raia, the sole candidate leading into a City Council vote.

Gardiner won the council appointment taking the plumb from Raia and currently is serving the five-year term.

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View.

Talking Ed Note: Hobokenhorse broke the story of Hoboken voter fraud allegations during the 2010 fourth ward special election and later featured an interview with Raia denying allegations about his role in Hoboken voter fraud.

The 2014 grassroots Reform revolt against Pupie being reappointed to the NHSA was led by a Horse and a Giant.

Related: The 2010 story on swirling allegations on Hoboken voting irregularities at The Observer:

Evidence cited in the Observer story first reported here highlighted “Operation Bounty,” a Hoboken good citizen program offering $2,000 for evidence leading to any conviction for voter fraud in Hoboken.

Operation Bounty was co-sponsored by HobokenHorse and the Hoboken Journal, the reform website published by Kurt Gardiner.

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