Formulating new political attacks, hey brother, can you spare the time?

For many in Hoboken it’s the sound of the waves at the shore, ice cream and time to enjoy the summer weather.

For Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his coterie of political operatives, it’s showtime. The show is their latest telephone poll targeting City Council President Jen Giattino for termination in November. 
Will we see a rerun of the hyperpartisanship, street flyers and Ravi Bhalla announcing his ticket will stand up to anyone in the country enforcing US law?
The political telephone poll is morphing, up next: Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.
The poll questions appear loaded to define best methods for upcoming negative campaign attacks out of the mayor’s office. Some of the less than typical questions oddly involve union involvement. 
In 2017, Ravi Bhalla was greatly aided by the construction unions group Stronger Foundations. At a minimum, their $85,000 investment with TV ads on Fox and ESPN played a role in his 32% election night victory.
It’s another example of how Hoboken’s pay to play laws are inadequate to the overwhelming might of big special interest money with a huge redevelopment project laying in the weeds: NJ Transit.
Putting that all aside, it’s unclear if sufficient polling data in any of the wards is obtainable. Don’t bet it will not lead to an avalanche of negative campaigning from Ravi Bhalla and his council ticket this fall.
Hoboken should brace for another round of Ravi Bhalla politics as noted by this Horse in 2017:

Talking Ed Note: There’s been no denials from Ravi Bhalla nor his former campaign and City Hall communications manager about the illicit raid on the Hudson Tea Building.

Residents continue to talk about his trespassing and then the enforced rule on disturbing the peace. Laws are for the little people.

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