Dozens come for a midsummer night’s dream for Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher’s re-election kickoff

More than 70 people came to the Madison last night for the Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher re-election kickoff.

A very nice turnout for a midsummer night’s dream but mere steps away, report of a nightmare ensuing at her Hudson Tea Building buzzed the event.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher took the center of the floor to address a crowd surrounding her at the Madison last night.
Reports say Mayor Ravi Bhalla went to campaign against her at her building against the condo rules and was thrown out. 

Arrivals during the event reported Mayor Ravi Bhalla was inside the building knocking on doors to elicit support for Fisher’s opponent and against the rules of the condo association.

Word of the illegal activity being investigated and not ten minutes later, new arrivals said Ravi Bhalla was then seen outside the building, apparently thrown out.

Back at the Madison, Councilwoman Fisher offered remarks on her first term and the successes of the City Council. One she highlighted with some pride, the newly updated Suez water contract which she said would save Hoboken residents $30 million over the previous one.

The crowd reflected a cross-section of Hoboken and a majority of the City Council was in the room at one point or another. Among the current members: City Council President Jen Giattino, First Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, Fourth Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, and Councilwoman at-large Vanessa Falco.

Quite a strong statement reflecting this current council’s ability to work together on approving the vast majority of the Bhalla Administration’s agenda and often, improving on it before passage.

Other notables in attendance: former council members Dave Mello, Carol Marsh, Hobokenite of the Year winner and former BOE trustee Irene Sobolov, former Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner David Denning and 2015 second ward council candidate Bonnie Murray.

Update: Councilman Peter Cunningham is at the Jersey Shore and missed the Fisher Kickoff but offered, “As I wrote a few days ago, I entrust the legacy of good government to Tiffanie Fisher and Jen Giattino. That’s not going to change although I’m out of town and missed last night’s event.”

Of Ravi Bhalla’s operative Nancy Pincus alleging in her usual conclusive certainty without ever speaking to him, he blew off the event last night Cunningham added, “I guess I should be surprised as I haven’t spoken to her (Pincus) but I’m not.”

Talking Ed Note: Bhalla communications and former campaign manager Vijay Chaudhuri was contacted about the Hudson Tea Building incident. If a response becomes available, this story will be updated.

Reports also are coming in of a new telephone poll. It has the odor of another Ravi Bhalla funded effort clearly targeting Jen Giattino.

Contrary to propaganda and erroneous efforts from Ravi Bhalla campaign operatives, there is no ticket with Fisher and her council colleagues. There’s no fusion ticket, no fusion ticket, no fusion ticket no matter how many times they keep issuing misinformation to the public.

Al Sullivan in the Hudson Reporter had a good column over the weekend but it noted a fusion ticket led by Peter Cunningham. Unfortunately, that claim went down in flames after reported an official release from the 12-year councilman he would not be seeking a fourth term a day earlier.

There’s no ticket but the Reform and good government movement live on with good efforts of many.

You’ll hear lots of sewer propaganda in a continuous stream of lies in addition to the above-failed one going back months because real Dark Side activities pushing for higher taxes and anti-Semite board appointments come from Ravi Bhalla and his paid political operative. 


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Correction: Over 70 folks as it turns out logged in for the Fisher kickoff. The earlier incorrect figure of more than 50 was an estimate.

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