Former Councilman Soares’ meet and greet Pinchevsky event a hit

Last night, former city councilman Tony Soares hosted a meet and greet for 4th ward council candidate Rami Pinchevsky.  Several dozen people attended including city officials, among them Councilwoman Carol Marsh, BoE Commissioner Jean Marie Mitchell, HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver, former 4th ward Councilman Mike Lenz.  Later Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived and stayed late to talk with residents and mingle with the crowd.

Rami Pinchevsky spoke at the informal soiree speaking passionately on the importance of a park for the southwest and improving the traffic situation possibly taking steps to reroute some of it as a solution.  He also noted the contributions of his host and others in government including the mayor in advancing Hoboken and bringing much needed progress in a number of areas including spending and taxes.

About town writer Alan Skontra (r) spoke with candidate Rami Pinchevsky
4th ward council candidate Rami Pinchevsky last night
The candidate’s wife Miriam Pinchevsky was all smiles for the well attended event
Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived later in the event but stayed after to speak with  residents

Talking Ed Note: Enthusiasm was high and there was some added buzz as word got around about the head of the Zoning and Planning Subcommittee Tim Occhipinti had showed up this time for his court appearance in Secaucus earlier that day.  Occhipinti’s headquarters violated the town’s signage rules but he “zoned out,” and boycotted the first court date in Hoboken perhaps believing he could escape scrutiny.

The court rendered a small fine and Occhipinti was questioned at the courthouse where he fled first to the police asking for aid to stop the questions.  He later fled out the side entrance with his lawyer’s getaway car at the ready.  The lawyer is thought to be from the Peter Cammarano campaign.  
Many residents who bought the Occhipinti “I’m independent” line are now beginning to discover just what a bill of goods they were sold.  The pet shop is once again open for business with Tim Occhipinti’s sign back up. 
How soon before the $40 collection for paper ballots begins anew?  It won’t be long now.

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