4th ward Council seat holder Tim Occhipinti on breaking the law, ‘It’s funny, I liked it!’

Rami for Council announces:

Fourth Ward Councilman and Chair of the City Council’s Zoning and Development Subcommittee, Timothy Occhipinti, plead guilty yesterday to violating local zoning laws. Occhipinti failed to remove campaign signs from his headquarters after last year’s special election in the Fourth Ward in a timely manner and missed his original court date.
Fourth Ward City Council candidate, Rami Pinchevsky, said “Mr. Occhipinti owes Fourth Ward residents an explanation as to why he refused to take down campaign signs after receiving a warning from the city that he was in violation of the law.”
“As head of the Zoning and Development Committee for the City Council, it is inexcusable that Mr Occhipinti would disregard the law in such a manner. His brazen behavior shows an utter disrespect to city residents and the law he has duly sworn to uphold. Mr. Occhipinti should publicly apologize for his behavior,” said Rami.

Prior to yesterday’s court date, public records show that Occhipinti received a written notice to remove campaign signs from the windows of his campaign office, following this past November’s election. After his failure to comply with the warning, a citation with a mandatory court appearance was issued to him. 

Occhipinti failed to appear in court for the first hearing last month, but did appear in court for the rescheduled hearing this week.


Talking Ed Note: Here’s video of Tim Occhipinti leaving court yesterday after having pled guilty in Secaucus.  He was recently appointed as head of the Zoning and Planning Subcommittee by Councilwoman Beth Mason but broke the law and ignored the notice of the violation at his campaign office.  After skipping the court appearance in Hoboken, he made the court case this time.

The video shows Tim Occhipinti finding law breaking very amusing.  Before he’s asked about breaking and flouting the law of the very committee he heads, he displays an arrogant response, putting his hand up to push the camera away saying “Are you kidding?” adding a political non-response.  His lawyer Michael Goldberg was also the lawyer for Peter Cammarano then interjects with some typical lawyer gibberish as the fine is being paid at the cashier window.

It should also be noted that the city incurred additional costs having a zoning officer attend the hearing out of town when taxpayer’s dollars could be better spent here in Hoboken.  Of course Tim Occhipinti could have obeyed the law in the first place but he choose to flout the warning and the law altogether.

You won’t be reading about this on Beth Mason’s website Mason411.  Can’t mess with her investment and she’s in for maybe $20,000 just the last round.  (The law on individual contributions of $2,600, that’s for the little people.)

Although this guilty verdict is in for Tim Occhipinti, there’s not been any official notice from the NJ Attorney General’s office on the much more serious matter of the massive alleged fraud in his November election.

His army of 575 paid campaign workers along with close that in submitted paper ballots remains under scrutiny of law enforcement.

Talk to the hand: Tim Occhipinti tries to block the camera with his hand at court yesterday

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