The FBI, Hoboken’s Boys of Summer in Newark: Lights out 2012 season on tap

The turn of the year with the calendar flipping to 2012 gives a false sense of security to some among the Old Guard, but the lull should not give them too much respite much longer.

The biggest concern here was Thanksgiving would come and the Old Guard would enter the holiday with joy and little fear there was anything standing in their way to continue their march of bad governance and worse behavior.  It would have had a demoralizing impact on impatient people in Reform and decent Hoboken people across the spectrum.  With the IT manager’s arrest in early November, those concerns absolved themselves and 2012 is going to be eventful. For the record, that’s an understatement.

Here’s why.

The FBI is going to be busy in Hoboken in 2012.  Pull up the wagon and load ’em up!

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