“Fake” Ricky Mason to Horsey: “Stop blowing up my wife, please”

From the desk of Citizen and Hoboken Taxpayer Kurt Gardiner:

Dear Editor:

I wish to comment on Mr. Roman Brice’s video that he posted on his  Internet blog Mile Square View earlier this week. My wife, Councilwoman Beth Mason, and I were in an important Machiavellian plot to overthrow Dawn Zimmer type of meeting with the Russo’s, Raia, and Ramos clan and other disgusting elements of the Hoboken political underworld earlier this week and so now is my first opportunity to react publicly.

In his video Mr. Brice depicts my wife in a car with Mike Russo being chased by a bunch of Zimmer Zombie Zealots. As if that image wasn’t frightening enough to my children the video continues with their car being blown up at the end of the video. Now, I  presume that is a threat to my wife’s body (I admit she has no soul) and I demand an apology from Roman Brice. Lane Bajaradi and I feel very vulnerable right now and we are considering getting gun permits for our own protection. These Zimmer bloggers are really starting to scare us with these not so veiled threats.

The United States Constitution allows each and every one of us to say the greatest, or the most appalling, words. Our First Amendment right of free speech is what sets this country apart from, say, Syria, where you can be shot in the street for calling on the president to resign, or North Korea, where if you complain about hunger you can go to prison for life.

But with our First Amendment right, comes a responsibility of the same order, especially if the speaker is a political blogger with the same or greater amount of traffic as, like Mr. Brice. We may all have sharp disagreements on political issues, but we should never suggest to resolve them by blowing up our opponents. Mr. Brice’s video available for all to see on the Internet, violated the most basic trust that the public puts in our leaders, to speak and behave in a manner that does not encourage or incite violence. Hoboken 411 would never stoop to such a level, my wife would never allow it!

Mr. Brice is a close ally of Mayor Zimmer and the council majority. He is a member of the local press, and he wields influence over the Hoboken electorate that can’t be bought out like people in Applied Housing that got my wife re-elected. His video demonstrates that, at a minimum, he does not have the demeanor or temperament to blog in favor of my wife’s positions unlike Hoboken 411 which is kept on retainer. I am appalled that neither the mayor nor the majority have lifted a finger to publicly censure him, nor have they said anything about his public hankering to imply that my wife will explode into tiny little bits to then be consumed by Zimmer Zombies, other than, in the case of the council majority, to laugh it off as a joke. The mayor herself has said not a word.

Mr. Brice says that his video was satire. But let me ask this: what if the same video was written by a high school student, who said on-line that he would love to blow up a teacher and feed her remains to zombies? Would we think it was funny then? Would we sit by and do nothing?

“Fake” Ricky Mason

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