And now a word from Bet: Layoffs will make us stronger!

From the Mazonic Temple on high looking down benevolently over all of you:

As you have recently heard, Mayor Zimmer in her incompetent trying to keep the hospital open worst has issued layoffs across the board for the City of Hoboken. This unnecessary and cruel action reflects her continued unreasonable willingness to lower taxes and refusal to hike them after our noble efforts to create an immediate but necessary $4.5 million deficit.

Let me say to you with all the compassion I am able to muster in my heart, we will starve Hoboken before we allow Zimmer and Lenz to rule you one more day in their unholy untaxed actions.

As Mikie Squared and I stand solidly with you in the face of this horrid action, you can be sure we will be doing everything possible to ensure you are cared for to the maximum allowed by law and NJ unemployment benefits.  In this dark hour, some of you are deeply troubled by this radical turn of events and are even more worried what might happen to us.

Let me assure you, we will get through this together and in the end I will hold more power than anyone can even imagine today.  The sacrifice these little people are making on our behalf today will not be in vain, on this you may rest easy.

We are coordinating a winning strategy right now.  Peter Cammarano will be coming to Hoboken this weekend to rally our “locked in” voters and extend support on how they can apply for unemployment benefits.  A special “Let them eat cake” program is being planned with the Cake Boss in the alley behind his store.  We are promised all cakes unsold beyond their expiration date will be distributed exclusively to our people.

We will hold a protest against all Zimmer Zombies and announce my official 2013 campaign for Mayor this Sunday at Elysian Field.  All city workers both the employed and soon to be unemployed are required to attend.

At that time I will share with you how we are going to get them.  This in the end will be a joyous and happy occasion.

I’m also proud to say Peter Cammarano will be awarding me the 2011 Grand Poobah Over All of Hoboken Award and you as part of our invitation only audience will be so fortunate to witness it.

Okay, this is really an exciting time for me and my family.  I’m tearing up a bit.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Looking down on you all with my abundant mercy,

P.S. There’s still time to counter this alliance between Gov. Christie and Mayor Zimmer having Holdco buy the hospital.  P3, JNESO and I will continue to work to close this hospital before something even worse happens with it staying open.

Please know that P3 and I are working diligently even now to step in and save our community from Holdco taking over the hospital next week and turning it into Coma Storing Condos.  That’s right, they are planning on storing people in comas in newly renovated condos.

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