End of year favor: raise Hobokenite Jimmy B in prayer

It’s the end of 2012 and for many one challenging year.  From the stories of horrendous damage to our Mile Square after Hurricane Sandy with an estimated $100 million in damages and thousands of buildings impacted to the emerging class action lawsuits for chintzy insurance payouts, things are tough all over town.

FEMA’s initial assessment shows Hoboken is where almost all the severe building damage took place in Hudson County, fully 974 of 1011 buildings with major damage.

With that in mind, MSV is going to ask for a year end favor anyway.
Of the thousands of readers passing through the stable week in and week out in Hoboken and beyond, it’s not always clear who the audience is as feedback direct or indirect via the comments section is always a minuscule fraction of the overall readership.
On occasion emails will show up from people you don’t know with any number of views, ideas or questions.  Sometimes it’s only to share encouragement as the veil has been lifted from their eyes on what has been going on here for so long.  
In recent months, one reader took occasion to share their thoughts on endemic corruption in Hoboken and Hudson County: their family’s extensive local history and insights into that ball of wax and shared encouragement for the efforts here with the change brought under the leadership of Mayor Zimmer.
In recent months, this reader as has been just learned is undergoing major cancer treatments.  If you could afford a few minutes in the coming days, please add Jimmy B in prayer, a Hobokenite who also is fighting the good fight for a better Mile Square City we all love.
Please help raising Jimmy B in prayer.
He’s battling though cancer treatments and needs your support.

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