Beth Mason ain’t no gold digger or Hudson County Executive material

The Hudson Reporter printed a year end county write up on elected officials and on Hoboken it got the essentials correct, at least in regard to Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s re-election bid next November, describing her as exceedingly tough to beat.

It however missed by a county mile claiming Councilwoman Beth Mason was her primary opponent as the Hoboken opposition is led by Michele Russo in the form of her son, third ward councilman Michael Russo.
Mason is described as a candidate for a potential Brian Stack ticket for an Assembly seat, an idea pushed by Mason’s political operatives over many months.  State Senator Stack however has not uttered a word over that time and Councilman Ravi Bhalla just completed a successful fundraiser headlined by Newark Mayor Cory Booker raising $40,000 with an eye on a potential Stack ticket himself.
The Reporter did mention Beth Mason coveting the County Executive seat, reported here earlier and most recently ridiculed by Grafix Avenger’s Deep Throat source, the ever warbling Deep Uvula who found the idea utterly laughable. 
At the County level, others are finding more than a bit of holiday mirth in the idea Beth Mason can buy the executive chair fall off your chair funny.  Selling the idea via paid political operatives to the Hudson Reporter is far easier than convincing County power brokers and current elected County Executive Tom DeGise to step aside in a premature resignation.
Mason’s brief control as the chair of the City Council in 2011 showed her consistently inept, incompetent and unprepared.  Thankfully, those talents combined in seeing her effort to deprive Hoboken of any surplus nullified at the State level.  Mason’s budget amendment approved by her MORTe allies was rejected for numerous basic arithmetic errors.
She bitterly had it passed in her final meeting as the lame duck chair anyway.  This even when she and her MORTe pals were told by the Corporation Counsel such a vote was both illegal and moot.  
Now Mason covets the top executive seat of Hudson County with almost a half a billion dollar budget.
Not saying she’s a gold digger…

The Hudson Reporter confirmed MSV’s earlier report saying Beth Mason covets the top executive county position.  Can the Queen of Lawsuits Mean and incompetence buy the position?  It’s already creating much laughter among county sources.

Talking Ed Note: For the second week in a row, the page three ad placed by Mason in the Hudson Reporter shows it’s now sponsored in the name of the Mason Civic League, not the imaginary Mason Family Civic League as it has most of the year.

Both MSV and Grafix Avenger have repeatedly noted there was no such registered entity as the Mason Family Civic League.

 Now what prompted the sudden change in that sinister fraud?

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