Editorial Policy Note: Free Speech and Hoboken’s Finest

MSV is a strong advocate of free speech and adamantly believes Hoboken requires and deserves free and open online forums for its citizens to share and exchange thoughts on the issues of the day.

Recently, there’s been a trial in the community on the Hoboken Police Department’s reorganization – a process that has taken place over months.  In the end, our town has fared exceptionally well with a plan agreed back in September between the two Hoboken police unions and the Mayor’s administration, resulting in not one layoff.  This was due to many unsung heroes of the Hoboken Police Department who kept their word to all and followed through with the needed retirements by December 2nd preserving the vitality of the force and its younger officers.

Restructuring partially based on the State Police Audit has led to demotions, minimized by the unequivocal retirement of a Hoboken police captain last week reducing demotions from 12 to 9.  Understandably, that isn’t going to be be universally well received.

Acknowledging this has been a trial by fire, many can differ on the issues of the budget, including the structure of our Police Department and what is necessity.  MSV often does with various people at different meetings.  At the last City Council meeting, add two fine police officers in the course of the travels through the evening.  It was a pleasure to speak to both among several others and one admitted to being an avid reader who enjoys the site.

Although this is an open forum with few restrictions, MSV will not permit anonymous attacks on individuals and that especially includes Hoboken police officers from commenters with false email identities.  Any questionable comment of a personal attack in nature when posting is subject to moderation and removal as deemed necessary by Da Horsey.  This especially applies when done with false email addresses.

Carry on.

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