Beth Mason: Attorney General investigation of alleged 4th ward election fraud a ‘waste of time and money’

Here’s a short video clip of Councilwoman Beth Mason making an animated protest against the City Council passing a resolution supporting an investigation of the 4th ward election last month by the Attorney General’s office.  The problems presented by the Hudson County Board of Election’s independent investigation were first passed to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and then from there a decision to forward it on yet again to the New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow.

Although the council would eventually create and pass an amended generic resolution of support, Mason noted her opinion of a conflict of other council members to present and vote on the matter.  (The Corporation Counsel would then render an opinion where Councilman Ravi Bhalla would not vote having performed as counsel on the Lenz for Council campaign. No one asked about Councilwoman Beth Mason’s huge monetary contribution to Tim Occhipinti being a conflict and she did not volunteer to ask Corporation Counsel either.)

Beth Mason did not include herself or note the ethical problem of her illicit family contribution of $13,400 to Tim Occhipinti’s campaign mere days before the election.  (Individuals are permitted a maximum contribution of $2,600 and she and her husband both made in-kind maximum donations in that amount according to Occhipinti for Council’s ELEC report.)  She failed to include her own obvious monetary conflict and abstain as she has so many times before on votes, almost always without explanation.  (Some council observers insist an abstention requires an explanation when used.)

In the video clip above, Councilwoman Mason becomes quite demonstrative in arguing why absolutely nothing should be done in the City Council about the matter of the NJ State Attorney reviewing the problems of the fourth ward election.  She erroneously says there is an investigation and the states the City Council doesn’t need to waste time and money to do anything on the matter.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla correctly noted the matter is under review by the State Attorney General’s Office and there is no investigation – making the City Council an important voice of support on the matter.

After objecting to other council members voting on the resolution, saying they should not be advancing or participating whatsoever, Councilwoman Mason then refers to her ubermensch supporter and friend Lane Bajardi’s limited criticism (excluding her of course).  The little cabal between them and the ghostwriting appearing on Hoboken411 remains yet another transparent problem neither of them ever address.

Why is that Councilwoman?

This video clip also features Councilwoman Beth Mason’s attack on MSV’s editor – by name. This odd occurrence of Council members attacking the public by name who they are suppose to actually represent has taken place twice now over recent months.

Of the two instances, one immediately produced an apology.  In this case there was none.
In either case, the off topic out of the blue attacks on Hoboken people from the dais of the City Council has to stop.

Frankly, it should have never happened in the first place.

Councilwoman Mason – will you follow the example of your ally Councilman Mike Russo who similarly erred and apologize?

Talking Ed Note: Was it merely coincidence Beth Mason’s self-described ‘friend’ Lane Bajardi wanted to see this resolution tabled and later she also recommends its disposal similarly at the end of this video?  These coincidences between Beth, Lane Bajardi and what some residents have started calling Mason411 are becoming highly transparent – as in the orchestrations at the City Council are invariably followed with the party proganda line and big lie technique the very next day on the uptown smear merchant’s blog.

MSV has noticed Beth Mason’s ghostwriting minion is being questioned more and more about it this year on various local websites where the iron hand of censorship is not applied as on Mason411.

The orchestrated propaganda is also noticeable among the limited opposition to the Corner Cars program exactly in line with Councilwoman Beth Mason’s complaints.  Oddly, there was one similar complaint voiced – the price to Hertz by the City for the program.  That’s already set by contract and why would anyone even talk about raising it now?  Even if one could raise the price, how does that help the Hoboken consumer? It doesn’t – the rock bottom price of $5-7 per hour for use of some of the vehicles would skyrocket.

It’s merely another way to subvert the program.

No wonder Mason411 and her paid operatives whine so incessantly about “the blogs,” “Zimmer bloggers” and now even volunteer Hoboken board members.  Individuals speaking invariably as regular citizens have them befuddled as to how to counter these grass root voices.  Notice their free speech rights are also subjected to question.  To the small paid cadre of Beth Masonites, in order to exercise speech, one must only serve the self-anointed Queen.

The character assassination Mason411 program has ramped up of late and in the video above Beth Mason also finds time in the City Council to sling some mud herself and take a cheap shot inferring racism against your host here.  More on that later.

Bet Mason has some real chutzpah considering monies from her 2009 mayoral campaign were inexplicably distributed to multiple people several times from one check. (Can you guess which part of town the dirty cash found its way?) As reported in the Jersey Journal, the Hudson Reporter, Hoboken Patch and MSV last May, NJ ELEC declared all of those instances illegal street money distributions violations.

Finally after a number of circle jerks in an attempt to squash the matter by paid spokesmen, Beth Mason called for a self-investigation to the Hudson Reporter herself.

Where are Beth Mason’s amended ELEC reports addressing her illegal street monies?

Where are the results of Beth Mason’s investigation into her campaign?

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