Drug deal gone bad leads to violence near HHA

According to a story from the Hudson County View, a drug deal on the streets of downtown Hoboken went sour leading to violence and the arrests of seven people.

Julian Braxton

Among those arrested were Julian Braxton, last known address 310 Jackson St. (MSV was not able to verify the address at the time of publication.)

Among the charges against Braxton who was reported arrested in an earlier HPD drug sting in the area back in the spring of 2015:

Braxton, 22, was, charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, possession of CDS (marijuana), possession of CDS marijuana with Intent to Distribute within 500 feet of public housing, possession of CDS within 1,000 feet of a school and possession of CDS paraphernalia, authorities said.”

Julian Braxton has been listed as a campaign worker being paid $250 by Hoboken’s former and notorious councilwoman Beth Mason.

Julian Braxton was remanded to the Hudson County correctional facility according to the HCV report.

For the complete story and list of those arrested, please see the Hudson County View.

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