Democrat Election Disaster in Iowa

In a crisis no one predicted for the Iowa Caucus and well into the dead of night in the midnight hour; there are no election results available for the Democrat Party candidates.

On the Republican side, President Donald Trump set a record turnout for incumbent presidents in Iowa while earning over 97% of the vote.

Let’s repeat. NO results for Democrat candidates in an election from the smallish state of Iowa running a caucus.

40% of the vote was confirmed tallied according to anecdotal polling sources but nothing by way of results was being reported from Iowa Democrat officials in the literal midnight hour.

Those same anecdotal reports say Senator Bernie Sanders was doing “very well” but the anticipated match up from a Joe Biden challenge were not materializing.

The Iowa caucus process states people who show up are counted only if their candidate exceeds 15%. If the candidate fails to make that viable figure, those voters in attendance may elect to join another campaign in a second realignment or not at all.

The model was expected by pollsters to help Joe Biden close a gap with the much speculated leader in Bernie Sanders.

There was just one major problem. It wasn’t happening. Anecdotal evidence suggests in four key precincts under close observation Joe Biden was not picking up realignment votes of voters.

The candidates sweeping up those realignment votes are reportedly Senator Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Peter Buttegieg.

A crisis of confidence is breaking out as a midnight letter reportedly sent from the Joe Biden campaign urges the Iowa Democrat Party to withhold ALL RESULTS until issues in the counting of votes are evaluated AND then reported to the campaigns FIRST.

Delayed election results only to campaigns but not the public?

A near midnight call between campaign and state Democrat official via NBC was reported this way:

“Sources confirm the Iowa Dems hung up on the campaigns as campaigns pressed for more information about the issues with reporting and when they would receive more data/results.”

The New York Times “Live” coverage page had nothing but zeroes all night.

Then, a little past midnight a mere trickle of votes finally appeared. Then that too disappeared.

Lookout! Hot mic on MSNBC, “What an effin disaster.”

Talking Ed Note: Candidates are giving speeches in Iowa but much like the public have no actual tallies just a mere trickle of votes.

Buttegieg said the vote “shocked the nation” in an unintended statement of irony as he declared his campaign “victorious” moving on to New Hampshire.

Half the country is being fed the idea that reality holds no objective fact whatsoever. This is an incredible level of incompetence but it’s far more than that.

A vote tally of ZERO tells you that and the Soviet Union would not try to pull this scam off.

The prediction here was Joe Biden finishing in fourth place with Sanders winning the Iowa caucus. Senator Amy Klobuchar is claiming in the dead of night she will finish ahead of Joe Biden (post midnight).

But we’re in uncharted waters of election credibility with questions of Monty Python proportions here. How do you say Russia election interference in Monty Pythonese?

Anyone who embraces any “security” or “hack” explanation for a manual process in the Iowa caucus is not dealing with a full deck.

Trending on Twitter after the midnight hour: #TomPerezResign. Perez is the chair of the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

Sunrise Update: The sun is rising and there’s nary a precinct result coming out of Iowa for any of the Democrat campaigns. Nada. Nunca. Nothing.

Having done election integrity work several times, there’s clearly no reasonable explanation why a vote with perhaps 40,000 total involved can’t be properly tabulated based on submitted details manually. A caucus by definition is a manual process.

There is however much bellowing about an app called… wait for it…. The Shadow app. Its creation is tied to the former campaign manager of Hillary Clinton and underwritten by the one candidate who declared victory last night with zero percentage of the vote tabulated: Pete Buttegieg.

Bernie Sanders certainly had boots on the ground observing the process after his controversial loss in 2016 to Hillary Clinton. For Iowa precincts tied, it’s decided by a coin flip. Sanders went 0 for 6 in coin flips to Hillary Clinton in 2016. How’s that magical coin looking this morning?

From the people who brought you the Russia Collusion Hoax. The more you know…

Hours earlier, the Sanders campaign shared its data collected (obviously manual).  It shows a likely pending victory for him, second place for Mayor Peter and third place for Elizabeth Warren.

According to the Bernie Bro data (above), Joe Biden is next nosing out Amy Kloburcher. How any of this sizes up to the Democratic Party officials in Iowa is any one’s guess at the moment. They issued a bizarre statement first about election integrity, then stating there was no “hack” before finally hanging up on the campaigns and refusing to say anything about when the actual election results would be available.

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