The demise of censorship: Hoboken411 heading to New England, officially ends the dream of a Beth Mason led Hoboken empire


Perry Klaussen reported heading to Vermont,  Hoboken411 and Beth Mason kaput

After months of a rumored tailspin with revenue tanking and interest waning in his flagging website, Hoboken411 editor Perry Klaussen is surrendering to the inevitable and leaving Hoboken for the Ben & Jerry’s world of Vermont according to sources just revealed to MSV.

Sources on the street say it’s true, the six year run is all but over and while it’s unclear if Klaussen will attempt to simulate Hoboken411 as “authentically local” from New England, he’s reclusive from almost all Hoboken events of importance anyway and had turned to cajoling people who have stopped contributing content.  (A recent Hoboken411 tweet claimed to be at the City Council meeting but MSV was present and he was nowhere to be seen; just another example of the steady stream of lies pumped out regularly there.)

Another “authentically local” relationship became abusive with a local businessman landing Hoboken411 in court leading to him being slapped last week by Judge Michael A. Mongielo with a restraining order to stop using his website to attack his business or personal life online.

The restraining order is thought to be Klaussen’s third.  Two earlier ones were reportedly filed by women who sought to escape his attention but details of this are unconfirmed at press time and MSV has not had an opportunity to obtain those details behind this latest breaking exclusive on the Hoboken blogosphere.

A dejected Perry Klaussen (l) leaves Hoboken court last Thusday after a Hoboken judge issued terms of a restraining order believed to be his third.  Sources close to Hoboken law enforcement suggest two others issued previously involve women.  MSV hasn’t had time to fully confirm those details but will.

Hoboken411 will partly be remembered as holding a dynamic position as the most read website in town some years ago.  But the trademark unsourced attacks, character assassination and constant ridicule heaped on anyone and everyone who stood as a roadblock to Councilwoman Beth Mason’s seeking the mayor’s chair undercut his credibility and saw readers leave in droves.  Even with Mason’s overwhelming double election defeats in 2009 for mayor, Klaussen refused to accept he was anything other than a “kingmaker” in Hoboken’s elections.

Klaussen’s constant predictions of the downfall of Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her council allies have been a steady droning theme on Hoboken411 in recent years along with pushing outlandish claims resembling little more than hateful screeds.  The Hoboken audience found other Hoboken online choices discovering he was alone in making claims completely contrary to reality even with a cursory reading of others such as Hoboken Now, the Hoboken Journal, Hoboken Patch, the Hudson Reporter and MSV.

Emerging entertainment sites also have eaten into his core readership – heavily male, early twenty-somethings such as H-mag,, Eat Drink NJ and others – all contributing to depleting Hoboken411’s ad revenues.  H-mag earlier this year won a trademark case halting searches of its website being routed to Hoboken411 in a cybersquatting case exclusively reported on MSV. (Scroll lower on the link for details)

Hoboken Patch generated revenues last year exceeding $125,000 and H-mag with its colorful print copy complementing an online website is likely in the ballpark – seeing Hoboken411 left in tatters.

With the rise of so many alternative and popular websites, Hoboken411 no longer was essential reading and more importantly no longer held a place as solely disseminating news of any kind.

At one time Klaussen’s Hoboken411 was a spirited place for commenting among residents but signing on to back Councilwoman Beth Mason at all costs while enforcing iron-fisted censorship and rooting out any dissent has ironically brought his website not their political opponents to its knees.

Mason herself ranks high with Klaussen on any list for most despised person in town and is scrambling to find a way on to an Assembly ticket led by Union City Mayor Brian Stack.  Her second ward base, Old Guard allies and Hoboken support is so debilitated, a run for mayor is untenable even with her access to ample self-financing.

After the FBI struck Hoboken City Hall last May, Hoboken411 issued a bizarre comparison of itself to the New York Times and the Pentagon Papers then began churning out simple generic fare devoid of political content cranked out by his ghostwriting minion colleague who is not paid for Beth Mason’s friendship.  Klaussen’s once lively website has seen a steady loss of traffic and the comments section now resembles more a ghost town.

In July of 2009 Beth Mason attempted to reward Hoboken411’s loyalty and strict adherence to promoting her agenda and silencing opposition by putting him on the City payroll at a City Council meeting.  The effort was shot down out of the gate and Mason was said by former loyal insiders to believe she could leverage the website with control of Hoboken as mayor squelching opposition.  Mason has refused to answer on her questionable relationship with Hoboken411 and any role in its savaging Hoboken local officials, employees and residents.  She’s sidestepped questions instead saying in City Council last fall she neither owns nor controls the website, even as several videos shot by her paid videographer since last November have found their way onto the site.

For years Hoboken411 was known as the go to website for Hoboken store openings and closings.  On even that front, he’s seen others emerge beating him to the punch.  Worse Hoboken stores were more willing to engage other local writers and reporters to avoid dealing with him.  Klaussen has a reputation for alienating merchants some suggest intended to intimidate local store owners into buying ad space.   Local bars shun him insisting he not return through their doors.  The billiards hall formerly on Willow Street was the mythical scene of a bar brawl with a pool stick leaving a permanent reminder on Klaussen’s head untold years ago.  He walked away with a sizable settlement but terms have never been confirmed nor the sizable losses incurred in trips to Atlantic City.

Last May after the FBI came to Hoboken City Hall, a Craigslist ad asked for $1,000,000 for a website sounding very much like Hoboken411.  After exposure of the ad on the Hoboken Journal, the post quickly disappeared into the internet ether.  Now it looks like Hoboken’s most vile and notorious smear merchant is headed there too.

It’s entirely possible Klaussen’s departure will see him (again) try to sell the website, offering it first to Beth Mason and the Old Guard at an agreed upon “inflated” price.  No matter what happens, it’s the end of Hoboken411 as we know it.  On seeing this story, Klaussen will be motivated to hide the truth, ultimately that’s his biggest enemy.  He may continue for a time in some remote town in Vermont.

Of course MSV will fill you in on that development too.

Who says there’s no justice in the world?

Talking Ed Note: When it comes to excess of every imaginable type, Hoboken411 was untouchable and even with it hitting the skids, there’s no one remotely around to take that top spot from him.  Ever.

Knowing a bit of Perry Klaussen’s megalomania, he won’t go out quietly and at some point will make one last blitzkrieg of pathological lies attacking all of Hoboken or short of that, he’ll post some demented post of lies against Mayor Zimmer.  MSV sent an email to Klaussen but knows full well like Beth Mason, there’s no answers coming.

Then there’s that little problem of the Data Theft Conspiracy and the FBI.  Perhaps Perry Klaussen hopes to escape it thinking law enforcement will choose not to follow.

Da Horsey wouldn’t bet on that.

Update: Is it election day because the traffic says it is.  The interest in the news is obviously high.  Based on the reaction, Hoboken411 offended quite a few people and worse.  People in all walks of life in Hoboken, business to residents to city workers have been viciously savaged for years and worse, almost all of it was flat out 100% lies.

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