Beth Russo hydra plots with Frank “Pupie” Raia to take over Hoboken… and beyond

According to a story on Grafix Avenger, our earlier story about an Old Guard plot to insert Tim Occhipinti into the mayor’s seat is alive and well and leaves Assemblyman Ruben Ramos out in the cold.

Among the Old Guard plans to divvy up taxpayer spoils in elected positions, Councilman Michael Russo who is terminally stuck in the third ward after his infamous appearance on the Fed’s videotape became public starring him and FBI informant Solomon Dwek is eyeing the Freeholder seat now occupied by Anthony “Stick” Romano.

Tim “Cammarano lite” Occhipinti makes a point at last week’s meeting.  His fundraiser saw only ten people in attendance a day earlier but people are saying Occhipinti is already walking around like he’s the Old Guard mayoral candidate. Based on Occhipinti’s bad behavior at last Wednesday’s council meeting, he is buying into his own hype which is a travesty and a Cryan shame.

Councilwoman Beth Mason will be praying for a HCDO war and a spot on the ticket of one Union City Mayor Brian Stack.  Her efforts to use the Hudson Reporter to promote that idea has been floated and printed several times already while her ad buys continue there and a thinly veiled blogger feature was clearly aimed to undermine Grafix Avenger and MSV.  (Does the Hudson Reporter think Mason is the only person on the City Council who would have “complaints” about the blogosphere or do they only listen to who writes them checks?)

As discussed here several times, the Ruben Ramos for Mayor “campaign” has seen little momentum with the Old Guard withholding support and wallets staying shut.  Assemblyman Ramos counts on the votes from the usual syndicate of shadowy vote buying in the Hoboken Housing Authority but he doesn’t hold much appeal beyond Applied Housing elsewhere.

Ramos perhaps anxious about his inability to gain traction may have panicked and prematurely approached the Hoboken police unions for support.  Bad move.  They aren’t anywhere near ready to make a commitment and watching developments like everyone else.

Occhipinti is the “new” Peter Cammarano the Old Guard is looking to get behind in a run against Mayor Dawn Zimmer a year from now in 2013.  As Occhipinti has issues of his own in a citywide race, the Old Guard will likely promote him similarly as Cammarano appealing to Old Hoboken for core support and confused short term residents who don’t know any better.

Beth Mason and Pupie Raia believe they can get the money behind an Occhipinti run and get him over the top with perhaps some of that old style home cooked vote harvesting in the fourth ward – a Tim Occhipinti staple food.

Matt “Vote by Calicchio” – the Mason
‘Chief of Staff’ to counter a Ramos safari.  

If a three way race occurs with Ramos taking on both Occhipinti and Mayor Zimmer, then things could get really crazy in the back end of the fourth ward.  Perry Belfiore is already signed on to back Ramos and everyone know how much he loves to go down to the Hoboken Housing Authority to safari.  He’ll have to square off against Matt “Vote by Calicchio,” the Beth Mason ‘Chief of Staff’ who will be happy to rumble for votes there.  Calicchio’s trial for harassment of a sitting BoE member and her little daughter outside a school is set for later this month.

With summer around the corner heating up, things may settle down for a spell or perhaps things will just simmer with Mason and Raia fending off attempts by Ramos to marshall support.

Talking Ed Note: If everything holds to form, Ramos will make a run vying with Occhipinti for the rights to a runoff against Mayor Zimmer, unless the mayor gets 50% plus one vote taking the election outright.  Ramos has lost his county backing and will no longer have a choice.  He may have to run for mayor or be left holding the bag with nothing at all.

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