Councilman Mike Russo makes surprise announcement; will not seek another term

Councilman Mike Russo announces:

Although my service to Hoboken has been clear to both 3rd ward and Hoboken residents alike over many years, it has become fairly obvious with the recent incidents surrounding my family that it would be best if I no longer seek or hold public office. I’ve already released this earlier to my friend at Hoboken411.

The controversy over my misunderstood appearance in a public New Jersey restaurant as stated in a recent book, The Jersey Sting along with the innocent mistake of health insurance benefits paid on behalf of my father have made my service in Hoboken untenable. After much thought, my family and I have decided it’s best to take a different tact and are looking to relocate to Florida.

While I feel my dedication to Hoboken is unparalleled on the City Council, my family is uncomfortable with recent events and the direction and actions by my one time political ally Beth Mason. While the concept of one united Hoboken holds great appeal, competence must be the ultimate decider of how we act as a community. Although I differ with some of my council colleagues on the City Council and the mayor on occasion, there’s little comparison to the equitable handling of the chair by Beth Mason’s predecessor Councilwoman Carol Marsh.

Becoming a father has made me realize I want peace above all in my life. The continued questions on my meeting a known con man and though I spurned his efforts, the harassment of me and my family will obviously continue into the future indefinitely. The recriminations are clearly not going away for me and my family. I appreciate all the support from my family and friends in this decision as I move to take the next step in my professional life and do what’s best for everyone involved. In the end, because I have always cared for and done what’s best for Hoboken, there is no other alternative.

As my name remains on the ballot for the May 10th election, I’d ask my friends and neighbors in the 3rd ward to exercise restraint and not vote for me as I will not serve if asked or chosen. My decision is final.

Thank you everyone for all your kind support in making Hoboken better. I look forward to thanking each and every one of you for all your hard work in joining me to make Hoboken the great community it is today.

With love and gratitude,
3rd ward Councilman
Mike Russo

Talking Ed Note: There’s been some reaction to this Hoboken411 announcement.  MSV can say that whether you are for or against anything Mike Russo has done, his impact is clear on the town.  MSV stands by Hoboken411’s announcement.

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