Beth Mason: Councilman Russo leaves the council in fine shape in my hands

Hoboken mayor-in-exile Beth Mason announces

The surprise announcement my council ally Mike Russo will not be seeking another term as 3rd ward councilman is both a shock and a sad day for all of Hoboken.  Together we have forged an undying tie to make Hoboken into a more vibrant community with lower taxes, stronger developer arrangements, better subsidized housing pilots, and less heavy objects littering our parking utility, re: quarters.

Although Councilman Russo’s absence will be a huge loss to the City Council, I’m confident my finding his replacement will continue our tremendous progress.  Although Mike will be missed by family and friends and all of Hoboken in City Council, he leaves Hoboken in good hands.  I am confident and ready for the challenge to take on the added responsibilities at Church Towers and the 3rd ward and prepared to better deliver for those who expect and deserve additional compensation from Hoboken taxpayers.

For now we will move to maintain the quality of oversight in the Finance subcommitte by appointing Tim Occhipinti its chair.  As part of the quality control, I will make sure to check his homework to be sure he has carried over all the proper one’s to the next column.

Hoboken can be confident it’s future remains in the most competent and capable hands as I lead its City Council government. As I move to obtain volumes of Hoboken government documents, my team of hired minions stands ready to subvert the efforts of the duly elected government in whatever vindictive and petty arrangement possible.  Know that if they can’t find something, they are brilliantly creative enough to make something up and post it on Hoboken411. 

Please join me in wishing Councilman Mike Russo all the success he has earned in his new endeavors.  His contributions to Hoboken will never be forgotten. 


P.S. For the latest and most important information on Hoboken and my campaign, please see Hoboken411.

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