Councilman Mike DeFusco ‘pleased Mayor Bhalla follows advice to renegotiate e-Scooter contract’

Official release:

Councilman DeFusco Pleased Mayor Bhalla Follows Advice to Renegotiate eScooter Contract
After urging the Mayor to negotiate a better eScooter deal for Hoboken, the City Council approved amendments to the current eScooter contracts on Wednesday that will generate more revenue and begin to make much-needed investments in rider safety and enforcement. As part of the agreement, Hoboken will collect an additional $.35 per ride specifically for enforcement, rider education and transportation infrastructure investments. 
Councilman Mike DeFusco is releasing the following statement on the new contract:
“I have always believed eScooters can revolutionize micro-mobility and transportation in Hoboken, but the Mayor’s rushed roll-out has resulted in serious public safety concerns. For this program to succeed long term though, it’s important for us to immediately begin making the proper investments in rider safety and transportation infrastructure. The new contract that myself and Councilwoman Fisher advocated for allows us to generate substantial revenue to properly enforce scooter laws and build safer streets without straining taxpayer resources. I’m happy to see the mayor act on our call to renegotiate the existing contracts and put the safety of our residents above all else and believe these new terms are a step in the right direction in finding ways to implement a more sustainable program. I look forward to receiving continued community feedback and working with the administration to decide the best ways to proceed from here.” 

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