City Council records unanimous votes for eminent domain proceedings at Union Dry Dock & negotiations for Municipal Garage with Shipyard Assoc.

Last night’s City Council meeting repeated the beginning of the 2017 process for eminent domain proceedings at Union Dry Dock.

Another unanimous vote recorded allows negotiations to continue with Shipyard Associates, re: the Barry family for developing at the site of the City of Hoboken Municipal Garage.

The following video report comes courtesy of the Hudson County View. Please note there is no settlement with Shipyard for the municipal garage site downtown. Its approval for the negotiation process and will require major redevelopment approval from the City Council at a later date.

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Ravi Bhalla is quoted saying Governor Phil Murphy “will support our position on Union Dry Dock.” To date, the governor has done no such thing. Governor Murphy holds major influence over NJ Transit where a possible compromise solution may be available at the downtown Lackawana location.

To this point, NJ Transit has not publicly voiced support for that request by Hoboken residents.

NJ Transit holds eminent domain powers superior to Hoboken at the former Union Dry Dock site leaving many Hoboken residents to wonder how an eminent domain action to take the Union Dry Dock site will be any different when it was approved and then quickly rescinded prior.

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