Council President Peter Cunningham: The City in Review and Wednesday’s Agenda

This email communication came from City Council President Peter Cunningham.  MSV will present all newsworthy communications from members of the City government.
Good Evening,

Last week the city council met to discuss the potential bonding for the repairs to Sinatra Park and Castle Point Park.  The actions taken last week were extremely important to mitigate further damage as a result of many years of neglect to the City’s infrastructure, as well as bring back our waterfront to our citizen’s and general public.  We also took the necessary action to consider a budget amendment that would result in a half percent tax reduction.  While the amount is disappointing, we must remember we continue to atone for past mistakes, and many of those costs are budgeted for as they should be.  This is honest 2010 budget with no more trickery as in the past. 
Our meeting on Wednesday has several items of interest.  First on the agenda will be the public hearing on the 2010 budget amendment.  Secondly, we have two resolutions on the Memo of Understandings (MOUs) for the police department which were negotiated by the Fiscal Monitor.  Working with counsel and the Mayor’s office, I have made these MOUs available on the city’s website at
Please take the time to review these documents.  In light of the recent and on going bipartisian changes in Trenton to curb spending and reign in property taxes your input on the budget and collective bargaining are critically important to our common goal to continue to stabilize the city’s finances to effectively release ourselves from State Supervision.  
If you cannot attend, please feel free to call me or write with your comments.  Thanks very much for your strict attention to this matter.
Peter Cunningham

Photo: City Council President Peter Cunningham at last Wednesday’s special City Council meeting.  All rights reserved.

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