Change is coming to New Jersey

The question now is will it be in time?  Based on the Governor’s speech today, it’s doesn’t matter.  He’s taking the action on multiple fronts in the budget that should have been acted on years ago.  And that comment is not ours, but by a NJ politico talking about what he heard from NJ State Democrats.  If you have a pulse and are here, and there’s a lot of you folks out there, find the time to watch for yourself.  This town has some deep talent and some very empowered individuals.  You are what drives this website.  

The last two weeks have seen MSV’s visits hit new all time highs.  Have a drink and hang out for a while.  And if you choose, share your thoughts on the issues of the day in Hoboken with your neighbors.  Thanks for dropping by and please tell another friend and/or neighbor.

Related:  For more video on today’s budget speech from the Governor, please click here.


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