City: Update on 300 Washington

City of Hoboken announces:


The Hoboken Construction Code office issued a limited demolition permit today. The scope of work to be performed involves the manual removal of severely fire damaged portions of the building.

The areas of the building to be removed are the roof and chimney, the entire fifth floor, and a section of the fourth floor at the rear of the building.

It is difficult to estimate the timeline for completion of this work since it is dependent on weather conditions and the uncertainty of conditions as the manual removal of debris proceeds. At a minimum, this work will take at least two weeks and could be considerably longer. The City is exploring options for opening Washington Street to limited traffic in a way that does not impact public safety.

Upon completion of this work, an engineering analysis will be conducted to determine the structural stability and overall safety of the remaining portions of the building. At that time, the Hoboken Construction Code office will determine if any further demolition is required to protect the public safety.

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