bludiamonds blue-plate lunch special: MORTe scores!

From the desk of the nutty fruit, bludiamonds:

Did my ears deceive me, or did one Councilman Timothy “Fredo (I’m not like they say, not like DUMB, I’m SMART)” Okyoopeentay suggest last night that the city hire lawyers but not pay them? Thereby creating plausible deniability that MORTe is aligned with developers against the public interest, arguing instead that they’re for the public, they just want to hobble the city from actually doing anything about it?

This sent my depraved old mind down memory lane, and reminded me of an ill-advised scheme a friend of mine once came up with to put one over on an impressionable young lady who was goodly enough to go out on a date with him.

See, this fella took his girl to the movies, and hoped to have his way with her later that night.

But his unsuspecting sweetie wasn’t necessarily up for the full grand slam on the first date, so this guy is thinking his best chance of getting around the bases is to “run out of gas” somewhere on the way home.

 So the fella stops at a gas station to create the appearance of being prepared to do the responsible thing and take his date, who has entrusted herself to him, home safely. But here’s the trick — he’s double-talking the gas-station attendant with all these rationalizations and equivocations to trump up a basis for refusing to pay. Hence, no pay, no gas. Hit the road, turn off into the woods, run out of gas, and away we go — make like MORTe to the taxpayers and try to slip her a roofie!

 Date-raping Hoboken since 2010!

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