CITY: “HOLDCO HAS NOT PULLED OUT OF DEAL” Hoboken411 claim completely bogus

MSV Hospital Update Exclusive

Minutes ago, in a phone conversation with City spokesman and the mayor’s Chief of Staff, Dan Bryan flatly stated, “Holdco has not pulled out of the hospital deal.”

Hoboken411 the website devoted to the party line all things Beth Mason put out an earlier report today claiming the hospital deal was dead with Holdco pulling out.

MSV has been seeking official word on this and can categorically state this is wrong.

A partial altered graphic of Hoboken411’s latest unsubstantiated fabrication.
The true question is why and how does this lie serve Beth Mason?

Talking Ed Note: Sorry Perry Klausfurher, wrong or caught flagrantly lying again.  The real question is why?

Now Jarrett Renshaw of also gets it wrong in his unattributed story at claiming the City of Hoboken has withdrawn from negotiations.  City Spokesman Dan Bryan also stated that assertion is incorrect.

This is clearly part of a Beth Mason orchestrated propaganda message to prepare Hoboken for the hospital’s death.  The diversion looks clearly intended to give residents the idea it’s already done!

All this late breaking information is intended to give the Beth Russo hydra cover to vote down the opportunity to save the hospital.


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