City Council @ 7:00 – To save the hospital?

Well it’s about as important a City Council meeting as you can have. There’s several important hospital issues at stake, including the $5 million bond ordinance from the mayor and a host of other issues including the long delayed update to campaign finance reform sponsored by Councilman Peter Cunningham.

 Here’s the resolution pac:

MSV may try to do some live comments on key developments in the chat feature from the Council itself.

Best of luck to us all.

Update: is quoting Councilman Mike Russo as being unable to vote on the $5 million bond ordinance without additional information.  He wants bidder information and financials.

Did he obtain all that information leading into his enthusiastic vote to put Hoboken taxpayers in a $52 million bond liability in 2007?

Also has another story on the City working down the road to help the new owners obtain tax abatement.  The operative word here is “efforts” down the road.  The controlling regulator in this is the State of NJ who has governing laws on such areas specific to hospitals.  Legislation may change this in the future.  It doesn’t exist currently.

The 74-page agreement between the city (Seller) and HUMC Holdco (Purchaser) says, “the Seller shall use its best efforts and cooperate with and assist the Purchaser…in connection with efforts to obtain a property tax abatement, payment in lieu of taxes, reduced assessment or similar arrangement (“Abatement”) with respect to the Purchased Real Property.”

Last Beth Mason’s website Mason411 is issuing personal animus as the “problem” leading into tonight’s vote on the $5 million bond ordinance.  Funny, Beth Mason is nowhere on the agenda and no one is voting on anything about her.  It’s about the hospital minions! 

The Beth Russo hydra is aligning to strike with the hospital its target.
Their thinking may be this is the best chance to also strike at Mayor Zimmer.
About that $52 million bond and 1200 hospital employees, too bad.

There’s very bad mojo on this leading into the meeting.  Too much information is being leaked last second to make an argument NOT TO SAVE THE HOSPITAL.


Of course they will make all kinds of excuses as above, most of it is rather meaningless with the matter at hand RIGHT NOW!

This is exactly why the HMHA – the hospital board was created – to keep political hatred and petty jealousies out of the hospital.  Now with a $5 million bond maybe the difference between success and failure, the Beth-Russo hydra appears to be aligning to close Hoboken University Medical Center.

So great is the petty politics in Hoboken, the Beth Russo hydra could choose to close the hospital and see a tax increase out of it so they can see the mayor forced to raise taxes.

While Tim Occhipinti will do as he’s told and gleefully so, will Coucilwoman Terry Castellano really go along with this chance to keep the hospital open for seven more years at a minimum?

Update: 6:20 – Hoboken411 is stating Holdco pulled out of the deal.  Not credible.  MSV will be the first to say, THERE IS NO OTHER BIDDER WITH ADEQUATE FINANCING!

The long knives are out and they are tossing out every excuse in the book!

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