City Council set to easily pass Union Dry Dock eminent domain and Municipal Garage negotiations with Shipyard

Tonight the only City Council meeting in August is the backdrop for two aligned issues seeing easy passage this evening.

First is a repeat of eminent domain proceedings on the Union Dry Dock now NY Waterway property. Looming over the matter as in late 2017 is the massive presence and superior eminent domain powers of NJ Transit.

In early 2018, the City Council reversed its earlier passage of emiment domain requested by Mayor Ravi Bhalla after fulfilling his desire and former mayor Dawn Zimmer’s earlier request to approve in 2017.

The reason? The ultimate eminent domain power holding sway over the issue and by extension Hoboken is controlled by NJ Transit.

NJ Transit holds all the cards if its willing to reconsider hosting
the NY Waterway ferries downtown. Tonight the Hoboken City Council
will again easily pass eminent domain proceedings on the Union Dry
Dock site.

Talking Ed Note: There’s no real drama involved this evening in the upcoming council approvals on both Union Dry Dock eminent domain and for Monarch negotiations on the site of the Municipal Garage. That is other than the mayor’s office which is hyping it for political purposes to herald its would-be “rubber-stamping” council candidates for the November election.

Almost to a person, the “B” Team of Team Bhalla candidates were invisible on any Hoboken government issue, let alone these matters before being selected as candidates. Team Bhalla is releasing centrally controlled communications on their behalf to prop them up in the hopes the public will believe their sudden interest isn’t manufactured based on complete lack of participation previously.

On Union Dry Dock, there remains some small hope toward useful discussions with NJ Transit which has not shown much interest in using any property in the Lackawana terminal for NY Waterway’s ferry maintenance. Their property is considered too valuable to make a switch to that southern location.

The public can only hope NJ Transit will consider that alternative. To this point they are unmoved but if they decide to reconsider, they can be heralded in doing so.

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