City Council summer blues @ 7:00

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Nothing earth shattering tonight. The ordinance for Pier A repair is back and maybe it will move forward. There’s a changed contract amount for the Hoboken Municipal Prosecutor and it’s substantially lower than when Mayor Zimmer took office and also lower than the predecessor last year Tracy Zur.  You may have seen her name come up in connection to Beth Mason.

Beth Mason gave her money at lets’ say an interesting time while Zur was the Hoboken Municipal prosecutor.  Grafix Avenger has done some outstanding work connecting the dots. (Let’s add that Judge Mongiello by all accounts has been outstanding and MSV has seen it both professionally and personally.)  No such pronouncements can be offered about the former municipal prosecutor here.

This is the only council meeting in July.  If you do go and speak tonight, be careful as the ever litigious Beth Mason could make a legal threat against you followed by a civil suit appearing soon after.  It went down EXACTLY that way last July.

No one in the local media apparently thought to ask Beth Mason about her role in civil suits against over a dozen Hoboken residents?

Got corruption?

Here’s the agenda.

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