Beth Mason and Old Guard allies vote down legal work against Monarch project!

Fight against Monarch Project loses funding courtesy of Beth Mason

The sleepy summer weather apparently didn’t generate a memo to the council tonight as a it took its usual course becoming heavily political with the ninth seat open.  Lots of grandstanding, invective and bitterness from the usual quarters with doses of buffonery.

More complaints to push ahead Vision 20/20 once again with HHA ED Carmelo Garcia (still no plan but splashy t-shirts) and in an unexpected development the firm charged with the ongoing Monarch litigation – Maraziti
Falcon Healey as Special Legal Counsel failed in a 4-4 vote when Beth Mason and her Old Guard council members refused to fund the ongoing litigation.

Mason attempted to present another resolution in place of resolution 21 to fund Maraziti but in an attempt to classify it as an amendment, it failed passage.  A lowered amount of 10K (toward noise control work) to the increase of under 300K also failed and on the resolution itself Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano voted no putting the Monarch litigation in jeopardy.

The ramifications of failing to continue funding the legal fight against the Monarch project isn’t clear for the moment. It may depend on funds remaining from the original 150K authorization.  

This political game of not funding ongoing litigation was tried once about a year or so ago before by the Old Guard council members. When a special meeting was called to review each legal case and which ones they did not wish to fund, they refused to go on the record against any of them.

Beth Mason is asking for another meeting to repeat that game.  Why? Politics and election year. It’s an invitation to cause more trouble.  

For the moment, it’s the Monarch litigation in trouble.

Councilwoman Beth Mason voted down funding for the legal firm representing the City of Hoboken to oppose
the Monarch development.  Her Hoboken Soprano allies joined her in halting the legal funding.

Talking Ed Note: People of the 2nd ward should note once again the Old Guard gamesmanship has now put another Hoboken issue into jeopardy.  The objective is to cut legal funding for other matters but in this case, Mason blew it all up.

Take it up with Beth Mason.  (She’ll point the finger but her vote is recorded “no.”) 

Update: Council President Peter Cunningham called for a subcommittee and possible emergency council meeting to deal with the fallout for the defunding.  

Under the Administration, the City of Hoboken has seen a number of big successes on the legal front winning well over 90% of its cases.  (Unofficial tally.)

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