City Council ready to end post-midnite meetings @ 7:00

One big item tonight is the City’s efforts toward purchasing the land for the Southwest Park. While some had said the matter would be tied up endlessly at significant legal cost, the process applying eminent domain actually went smoothly. Whether you agree with the eminent domain powers or not, if you can’t liberate a parking lot for a broader public use, well then there’s no time when it’s applicable.  It appears some details will be sorted out in a closed session. The haters will have to find some space on their faces for more egg yolk. The park is one step closer.

Tonight is the finale on hearing a resolution to end the endless meetings (and useless arguments) past midnight if as expected the measure passes on second reading.

Those wanting to do business in the middle of the night are of course the Old Guard council who is rather fond of the idea of hijacking the proceedings and passing surprises on an unsuspecting public.

It’s Beth Mason the woman with nowhere to be in the morning who was the most bitter about the reasonable change.  It’s the second meeting standard in the past year or so changing the inanity into sanity.  The first advocated originally by MSV was to allow the public to speak after second reading of ordinances.

City Council meetings had become the attack of the midnight ghouls with political operatives and other lackeys yelling out every whopper of ridiculous charges after the midnight hour. It still happens and sadly more frequently than not but at least the council members and the public don’t have to watch the insanity looped in broadcasts on cable into the dead of night.

So with that, let the games begin and round three of the new order as City Council President Jen Giattino has really exercised control seeing the meetings running far more smoothly and ending at reasonable hours.  Some in the public have abused the five minute privilege and of course it’s the usual suspects who just don’t get it.

There’s no resolution one can bestow sanity on some driven to play political games behind a microphone or worse. Even with the November election decisively past, we’re still stuck on worse. The race baiting has not won the day… helloooooooo?

Such as it is, Hoboken progress is finally kickstarted.

Here’s tonight’s full agenda:

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