BREAKING: Beth Mason connected political firm Bluewater Operations subpoenaed


MSV is exclusively reporting a Clifton, New Jersey based political consulting firm closely tied to Councilwoman Beth Mason has been subpoenaed in the ongoing Hudson County Superior Court case investigating Vote by Mail inconsistencies in last November’s Hoboken election.

The case is a legal challenge to ballot question one on rent control which passed for the second consecutive year in a citywide referendum last November.

Bluewater Operations accepted over $20,000 from Hoboken political committee, Let the People Decide in the last election cycle. The committee backed by Hoboken developer Frank “Pupie” Raia is believed working to overturn existing rent control laws and has been an ally in recent elections of Beth Mason.

Raia finished seventh seeking a seat on the City Council last November in a joint effort with Beth Mason. Their slate headed for mayor by the occupant of the fourth ward council seat Timmy Occhipinti finished a distant third with 17% of the citywide vote.

Bluewater Operations received two payments totaling over $20,000 from the Let the People Decide committee in the 2013 election.

Based on NJ ELEC, the Let the People Decide committee officially had hundreds less campaign workers versus its efforts in 2012.

Questions are swirling what role Bluewater Operations may have had in putting the monies on the street, re: street money – especially in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Beth Mason was contacted for comment but typically does not respond to such reporting inquiries.

Back in 2011, MSV reported Bluewater Operations distributed $52,000 in street money flooding the Hoboken second ward and beyond on behalf of Beth Mason. 

Officially, Mason spent $160,000 in total for the 2011 second ward council race.  By way of comparison, City Council President Jen Giattino spent less than $10,000 in her successful sixth ward council race.

The election case is ongoing at the Brennan Courthouse in Jersey City.

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Last week, MSV testified for more than a day in the case and will report on it after its conclusion.

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