City Council meeting is tomorrow with more drama to come

It’s ten days before the deadline on the layoffs and tomorrow’s City Council meeting promises to be heated with another jam packed room filled with police and their supporters. In that heated environment, Councilman Russo who has had two brothers on the police force  conducted himself worse than in recent memory.  He not only was out of order many times in the evening speaking out of turn and over his council colleagues, he decided he had had enough of one member of the public in the audience.  Their crime: not demonstrating acceptable non-verbal behavior.

The member of the audience in question: Leon Gold.  Leon has been an active observer of city meetings and was also on the steering committee of Hoboken Revolt before he resigned and was elected in the spring to a seat on the Board of Education.

In a room so filled to capacity, it’s hard to believe a sitting City Councilman would act in such a way as to call out and complain about a member of the public.  MSV hasn’t ever seen that before but there was a somewhat comparable incident back in 2007.  Do you have any idea who and what was involved back then?

Here’s Councilman Mike Russo speaking on the police layoffs and launching his attack:

Leon Gold responds. The first few seconds of his comments were missed in the switching to recording but you certainly get the heart of the matter:

And heres’ the 2007 clip mentioned where Councilwoman Terry Castellano calls out a good government citizen in the audience from People for Open Government (POG).  Apparently, she’s upset and would like to take a shot with her other colleagues at their efforts back when they were beginning to examine the influence of developer monies in Hoboken.

Notice the hyenas all aligned together and remember that when Councilwoman Castellano whines about being in the minority. This is how that “minority” worked before with a certain soon to be jailed ex-mayor. Listen for her chiming in to Peter Cammarano with “thank you, thank you” for his condescending efforts here.

Talking Ed Note: Before Scammarano hits the clink, maybe someone can inform the election law specialist that laws apply to all members. Laws are not applicable to one group or another. They are not “your laws” but our laws.

Cammarano will have a couple of years to learn the distinction.

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