The Cartel – now available on DVD!

From filmmaker Bob Bowdon

Dear Friends of The Cartel Movie —
Hallelujah!   ๐Ÿ™‚   

The Cartel Movie has been picked up by a major distributor, and the DVD release date has finally been set.  The worldwide release will be December 1, 2010.  That’s when anyone & everyone will be able to visit our website , put in an order for the DVD, and bask in the good feelings that will flow from helping reform public education.
But no reform movement runs by itself.  We’d like to ask for your help.  And we’re not talking about money.
The biggest hurdle in marketing any film is getting people to know it exists in the first place.  So today, we’re asking all the subscribers on our website; i.e., you, to tell just one new person — someone who is not a part of your household — about The Cartel . Get that person to sign-up for screening updates on our website.  

Our goal is to double our subscriber list before the release.  (Of course, we’d be even happier if you got two, or three, or maybe ten new people to sign-up, but for now, all we’re asking for is one.) 

You see, for a period of two-and-a-half years, The Cartel was a self-financed labor of love for me.  Early on, I wasn’t even sure I’d ever finish the project, let alone sure anyone would ever sit down and watch it.  But the film ultimately came together, in no small part because of invaluable help I got from lots of people, many of whom never asked for a thing in return.  Since then, The Cartel has been profiled on MSNBC, The Fox News Channel, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, The Chicago Tribune and countless other major media outlets. 
Now, as we near the finish line, we just need a little more help.  From you.
  And while there’s an aspect to this appeal that’s admittedly self-serving — we’d obviously like to sell a lot of DVDs to make back the production costs and more — I would have never devoted years of my life to this if I weren’t truly disgusted by the dismal performance and blatant greed of much of the education establishment.  Fortunately, I’m just as convinced there is a way out.  School choice could be a catalyst for meaningful, positive structural reform. 

The bottom line is there’s no question that The Cartel movie has really opened eyes and changed minds.  We just want to “open” and “change” a few more in this final push. 

Can you help us?

(The secret is that subscribers to our website will be offered a private DVD sale before the advertised release.  Shhh.)

So that’s all we ask.  Tell at least one person outside your household about The Cartel , andget them to sign-up on our website . We’re talking to you. Yes, you. The sign-up link is here:

Oh, and thanks. 
And the children, whose schools you just might help improve, thank you too.

What else?
Breaking News, Announced Today: 

The Cartel, 
Winner, “Audience Choice Award” 2010 Atlanta Documentary Film Festival 

In the words of the cheerleaders from my high school days: “Fire Up!”
— Bob

P.S. Your music collection deserves The Cartel Soundtrack.  Sample it for free at “The Cartel Soundtrack” on iTunes, or use the MP3 download link:

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