City Council Forum at Our Lady of Grace

Last night, heavy rain did not deter a crowd from showing up for the City Council forum and the discussion among the candidates was easily the best seen in some time.

Tonight it’s all the candidates for the 2nd and 5th wards.

Among those present from left seated by moderator Bob Bowdon: Terry Castellano 1st ward councilwoman, Nino Giacchi 6th ward councilman, Jennifer Giatino 6th ward council candidate, Eric Kurta 1st ward council candidate, Greg Lincoln 3rd ward council candidate, Tim Occhipinti 4th ward councilman,  Rami Pinchevsky 4th ward councilman, Mike Russo 3rd ward councilman.

MSV will post all parts of the forum discussion as it’s unclear if and when it will be appearing online although in a few days it will showing on TV on the city’s events channel.

The public will be given time to view and conclude themselves but for now other than a question on rent control, an ordinance already passed recently and not expected to see much change in the near future, the topics were presented thoroughly and professionally with one glaring exception.  Not one question appeared on corruption.

The topic found its way into the discussion anyway.

Part 1:

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Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Remaining segments at the jump:

Pt. 4

Pt. 5

Pt. 6

Pt. 7

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