6th ward candidate Jen Giatino’s opening remarks

At the request of the candidate, 6th ward candidate Jen Giatino’s opening remarks have been submitted for publishing here on MSV:

I’m running for City Council because the 6th Ward needs a Councilwoman who is
willing to stand up for the residents of our neighborhoods, and actively address
the needs of the people and the problems that we face.

For too long, the 6th Ward has suffered from a lack of leadership. At City
Hall, we are known as “the forgotten Ward”, because the current Councilman has
failed to represent his constituents effectively.

Many people have come to the conclusion that NINO stands for “No ideas, No

We can do better.

I’ve worked on Wall Street for the New York Stock Exchange before I decided to
raise a family.

I started and run an internet business. I’ve been active in the community.
I’ve even been a professional ballet dancer — and let me tell you, that
takes a tremendous amount of focus and attention to detail — like a
professional athlete, or a professional in any occupation.

The point is — that I have the energy and determination to get things done, and
make good things happen. I’ve proved that my entire life. Now, I want to serve
you, and make this city of ours — a “better Hoboken”.

I will put people first. Not the failed policies of the past. Nor will I
surround myself with political allies who conduct public business in private
like old time politicians FROM the past —- like those who speak one way “on
the Record”, and another way on a recording.

We need a new approach to really get Hoboken moving forward……So we can cut
spending, improve our parks, reduce taxes, clean up our neighborhoods, and find
real solutions to the parking problem.

The residents of the 6th Ward have a clear choice on May 10th. We need new
solutions to old issues. My opponent is part of the problem. You cannot expect
someone who helped create the problem to provide the solution.

I pledge to you that I will do more than just seek out new solutions. I will
help implement the solutions that WORK for Hoboken.

Thank you.

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