Celebrating Peter Cammarano’s return to Hoboken, a blast from the recent past on zoning corruption that led to federal prison

The war zone between the coalition of the Reform movement and the Old Guard over at the Hoboken Patch comments section is amped up more than usual with the constant chirping from one political operative family not paid for friendship and with it, a look in the rear view mirror of Hoboken’s most obvious recent symbol of corruption.

Peter Cammarano celebrates his one week anniversary back in Hoboken from doing a shortened stint in federal prison at Lewisburg and a halfway house in Brooklyn, so let’s join in his one week anniversary looking at those who served him so ably in his brief role as mayor.
An attack yesterday on our colleague Grafix Avenger on Hoboken Patch led to her dispelling the fabrication about her appointment to the Hoboken Zoning Board.  With her background as an architect, she was elected in a 9-0 vote on the City Council and has served ably in that capacity.  Months later she began work on a local website called Grafix Avenger.
Nothing in Hoboken has been the same since.  Not only does Grafix Avenger rule the town as the best (and only) regular political satirist, she’s a dominant voice using imagery to cement humor and sometimes well deserved ridicule of the Old Guard, their never ending corruption and of course driving them up the wall in pointing out their phoniness and outright hypocrisy.  It even led to Tim Occhipinti calling the police on her “credible threat” of deploying the Vulcan death grip on her Star Trek adversaries.  
Which brings us to this celebratory eve of arrest clip from a Hoboken City Council meeting, courtesy of our noble fellow citizen animal, the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta.

Yesterday, Grafix Avenger grew weary of the prosbus/HQ’s litany of lies and went researching into recent history to put some pieces of a puzzle together and pose some questions our friends the Boys of Summer may wish to circle back and revisit for a new line of Hoboken questioning.  Da Horsey decided to dig into the Wiley Coyote’s vault and lend a hand.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  It’s never been more true here with the FBI’s ongoing investigation in Hoboken.  Here is political operative Lane Bajardi performing his stock in trade service on behalf of Peter Cammarano.

Talking Ed Note:  There’s wrong and then there’s Lane Bajardi wrong.
Or is there something more than meets the eye here?

At this same council meeting, other political operatives spoke on behalf of retaining zoning powers for the newly “elected” Peter Cammarano. Among them was a little known resident who miserably failed to get much traction running for City Council. Guess who would make their first appearance speaking at a City Council meeting for just this same political operation and who also admitted to being a note taker at the council meeting serving the brief tenure of Peter J. Cammarano? He also has his own little problem on voter fraud sitting in the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

 Tim Occhipinti

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