Budget Hearing and noon Special Meeting to approve appropriation today

City of Hoboken Budget Hearing Live at City Hall 10:00 – 5:00 pm

Hoboken’s budget hearings will cover most of today at City Hall in council chambers and the mayor’s special meeting on a 750K appropriation will also be featured. In the last two years, the budget hearings held by the Administration have produced significant savings well into six figures. It’s not clear if those feats will be duplicated so tune in to get insight into the budget process.

At noon, a special council meeting will act on the 750K blocked earlier as a designated emergency appropriation. The change based on NJ State law means five votes not six can pass the measure making MORTe’s (Mason-Occhipinti-Russo-Castellano) no votes meaningless.

As the meeting is underway, only Councilwoman Beth Mason is present from the minority.

Talking Ed Note: A three alarm fire last night at 917 Clinton Street damaged several apartments and two residents were seen taken to the Hoboken University Medical Center. Most residents were able to return to the building based on this report from Hoboken Patch.

Update: As expected, the temporary appropriation passed today 5-1. The council majority passed it while the lone vote against came from Tim Occhinpinti.

Hoboken resident Scott Siegel gave a strong overview on the 18% reduction in the tax levy under Mayor Zimmer and noted if the minority had not blocked the simple refinance of the midtown garage it would be 25%.

After an explanation of the State law on temporary appropriations by Finance Director Nick Trasente, dissent expressed by Tim Occhipinti followed. “I don’t like it.” Occhipinti said adding he would vote against the measure. He left immediately after and did not listen to the public remarks nor a correction on another misunderstanding he had courtesy of Councilwoman Carol Marsh.

Councilwoman Beth Mason was not present for the noon portion of the meeting. She arrived after ten and did not participate in the discussion and vote.

The budget hearings will continue this afternoon.

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