Carmelo Garcia amended "ethnic lawsuit" to face dismissal Friday

Carmelo Garcia, the embattled Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority sees another hearing this Friday in Superior Court on his charges of victimhood in county civil court – this time without the “benefit” of his earlier ethnic cleansing designation.

For this occasion, the estranged Assemblyman (his colleagues reportedly shun him in Trenton) will hope he has added sufficient claims of victimization to withstand the legal complaint being tossed out of court on its face.

The major difference in the allegations amended courtesy of “ethnic cleanser” attorney Louis Zayas substitutes “patronage” for ethnic cleansing, adding an unsubstantiated claim of discrimination.

As the last filing, there’s nothing specific pointing to the basis for its claims let alone any discrimination whatsoever which earlier led the court to deem the filing insufficient.

Hudson County TV features a new interview with Garcia and the subject of the lawsuit is mentioned but there’s no real discussion on the merits. The interview glances on subjects near and dear to Carmelo Garcia, re: Vision 20/20 the massive land deal he’s refused to offer any comprehensive details.

The interview raises some issue with the project but none among them from the detailed letter Mayor Zimmer sent Garcia last spring pointing to troubling questions on the lack of documentation, lack of attention to the existing housing stock and safety hazards ignored. The letter also noted reports of unfairness for resident admission into the HHA highlighting there were numerous complaints to City Hall and a lack of transparency in the process under Garcia.

MSV has previously noted, the “plan” received four eager votes from Council members Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Timmy Occhipinti but repeated requests for a Master Plan have been snubbed over months leading into last November’s election and since.

The undocumented plan was being bum rushed so eagerly, the Old Guard council attempted to approve it at midnight without a legal quorum. Their action was later ruled invalid.

Here’s the interview. Does Carmelo Garcia sound confident about his latest lawsuit?

Talking Ed Note: The video claims in its title, Garcia exposes Mayor Zimmer on Vision 20/20 funding using Sandy funds. There’s been versions of this floating around on for the past week and frankly MSV is insufficient on the details but is skeptical or concerned any such claim is close to the truth for two reasons.

First, Sandy aid has seen allegedly misappropriated funds with some odd political expenditures and is/was Hoboken potentially on such a list where no plans would be required before funds would be distributed? If so the question is why?

While Carmelo Garcia endorsed Gov. Christie along with State Senator Stack the HHA vote turned out for Barbara Buono.

Second, there’s been an absolute propaganda effort moving against Mayor Zimmer since she came out agains the Rockefeller Group project. It quickly ramped up and you regularly see the same screen names unleashing a torrent of venom towards the mayor. It reminds one of a Hoboken mayoral election and Beth Mason’s internet blogging team – o perish the thought.

One obvious hatchet job came way of NJN reporter David Cruz who also contacted MSV requesting an interview. Da Horsey had some less than savory interactions with Cruz when he was communications manager for then fourth ward council candidate Timmy Occhipinti. It didn’t improve in the 2011 election when a phone call to the Hoboken Police Department was required to stop his illegal hanging out in the Marine View polling station with Terry Castellano. (Da Horsey was a volunteer election challenger for the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta. There was not one problem over 14 hours other than a foul mouthed David Cruz refusing to leave.)

The NJTV outlet should be embarrassed at the clumsy amateurish attempt to carry water for its relationship to the nexus of NJ state government. Absolutely shameful.

This video doesn’t make any claim Hoboken City Hall was contacted on the latest Garcia allegation but one can guess the mayor’s administration isn’t losing any sleep on new claims by Hoboken’s “ethic cleanser.”

MSV exclusively covered the last court hearing with no other media present to witness first hand the “Ethic Cleanser” getting kicked to the curb.

Update: The story was truncated so corrections were made late.


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