All politics are… international?

With a rapid flurry of events not seen since the Orange Revolution in 2004, the second largest country in Europe of 46 million, Ukraine has been all over the news as its citizens again took to the streets.

For months though the harsh winter, tens of thousands of citizens took to the center of the capital to protest their government backing out from completing a years long negotiation with the European Union.

What started as a limited protest in the main square of the nation’s capital Kiev last fall changed into an entirely different protest with the abuse of peaceful protesters turning the entire saga where it is today into one squarely focused on two major issues: human rights and corruption.

This pulled directly at Da Horsey’s heartstrings and this video of a Ukrainian woman from Kiev went viral on YouTube as she asked for international support in their cause seeking freedom against selfish politicians calling them barbarians.

Later her foreshadowing of violence against the people would prove prescient but what wasn’t is the fast paced outcome of events overthrowing the president within days of an interim agreement.

The people wouldn’t accept a president remaining in office, even on an interim basis who had set loose armed snipers killing dozens in the center of the capital.

To this point, they have won – standing on their own and sacrificing their bodies and lives against a cynical foe.

In her words…

“We want to be free from a dictatorship. We want to be free from the politicians who work only for themselves… just for saving their power… We are civilized people but our government are barbarians.. We want our courts not to be corrupted. We want to be free.”

The former president, who within 48 hours went from colluding with state security forces placing snipers around the Maidan where tens of thousands refused to be intimidated from all over the country seeing dozens upon dozens among them killed and hundreds more wounded now has a warrant out for his arrest for his crimes against humanity.

The reforming government in Ukraine is seeking an international court to try the case.

MSV was present in 2004 in the Maidan during the Orange Revolution and saw the spirit of freedom first hand.
It left an indelible mark and appreciation for our freedoms here. Those freedoms must be actively defended.

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken has its own checkered history on abuse of government power. The limited powers of one official on a nine member body with a blank checkbook abusing the town’s institutions, its people, and savagely – attempted to destroy the local hospital parallels the global stage in Ukraine today.

A convenient little conspiracy has existed for more than a year attempting to destroy voices who have spoken out against corruption and its major underwriter.

Do you think that’s where it ends? It didn’t fare so well for another “untouchable” did it?

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