Can you be arrested in Hoboken for an old out of town parking ticket?

There’s quite a buzz going this morning and no doubt phones are ringing.
Hoboken people have started asking questions along these lines:

How much resources does the Hoboken Police Department dedicate to pursue a 10 year out of town parking ticket?

Who in the Hoboken Police Department would pursue a resident and run down a 10 year old parking violation and find the Hoboken resident on the city’s streets?

Lots of questions revolving on an odd arrest and
Perry Klaussen’s name is in the middle of it
after a revealingly timed tweet last night.

A law enforcement source in Hoboken tells MSV an outstanding list of warrants on people is very possible and if a name appears on it that person can be picked up and processed, even on a decade old out of town parking ticket.

They said it’s very likely someone initiated the action.

In addition, anyone can call in a sighting of someone who has an open arrest warrant on them and have the Hoboken Police Department make the collar.

Hoboken Police Update: According to a police department source, there’s no record of an arrest warrant for Perry Klaussen.  He was seen outside the station earlier this afternoon.  If an arrest warrant was issued earlier this month as noted earlier on MSV.

The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office would be the place where action would be taken as there is nothing issued in the system available to the Hoboken Police Department.

Talking Ed Note: The law enforcement source said an anonymous tip can be called in.
Another person contacted MSV and said you can contact the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.  Their phone number is:

(201) 915-1300

When a local editor saw Perry Klaussen the other night at the fire on Clinton Street, Perry started yelling at him.  The person known for both their size and mirth responded by saying aloud, “Hey this guy has an arrest warrant out on him.”

With that, Perry Klaussen turned and high tailed it out of there.  Guess that Jersey City judge’s bench warrant is outstanding.

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