Cameraman at HHA meeting faces intimidation, repeatedly followed by Beth Mason’s political operative Matt Calicchio

Taping of public meeting met with intimidation tactics by Beth Mason’s paid political operative Matt Calicchio

The HHA Chair Jake Stuiver wasn’t the only target at the HHA meeting to receive the astrotrurfing ire of the ginned up crowd Thursday night.  One member of the public filming the meeting repeatedly was harassed while taping the government meeting.

Joe Branco who is the speaker begins his comments attacking Councilman and HHA Commissioner Dave Mello on his efforts leading into Hurricane Sandy and then mocks him where he was during the hurricane.  As he continues with an attack on HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver, accusing him of “chewing wires” on an unattended generator not moved since Hurricane Irene, another distraction is captured.

As seen in the video below, taping is repeatedly blocked with the appearance of the same person over and over who keeps interfering with the filming of a government meeting.

As the taping begins with Joe Branco taking the microphone a large figure suddenly appears blocking the camera.  After coping with the 6’3″ 350 pound behemoth the camera moves to a different location.

Magically just seconds later, the same figure arrives seen blocking the taping multiple times.  After a short period of filming, the camera is seen fleeing to yet another location to escape the harassment.

Who do you think follows the cameraman a third time and in another attempt at political intimidation and interference with First Amendment rights tries to blocks the taping of a government meeting?

Matt Calicchio

Talking Ed Note: It’s worth noting both Joe Branco and Matt Calicchio took part on the now infamous BoE Move Forward Nazi Truck campaign underwritten with illegal contributions by Beth Mason.

At the previous HHA meeting, Matt Calicchio took photos with a smartphone of people supportive of Reform standing in the back of the room.  When addressed by one person with a simple, “Hey…” he promptly ran over to a police officer complaining.

He’s a victim.

Congratulations to Beth Mason on yet another new low by her self-proclaimed “art gallery” employee.

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