Budget amendment anticipated to put surplus in $4MM range

Temperatures are up along with the humidity but one doesn’t have to fret even if bored while waiting for the FBI to return with a knock on the door.  For those who are suffering from the lack of budget drama in the last week, here’s an update.

During a lull in the City Council meeting Friday, Business Administrator Arch Liston who has mastered the art of Hoboken politics by quietly allowing the other side to demonstrate their incompetence answered a question on how the budget amendment is likely to be reoriented later this month.

Based on some final figures being tabulated, the Hoboken BA believes a budget surplus will likely fall in the range of $4 million.  While that is somewhat short of the Administration’s original five percent target, it should provide a cushion for the laundry list of needs in the short term.

One near term item is the local firefighter unions who are seeking a contract with millions in retroactive pay over several years.

The budget surplus tally should be calculated shortly and an amendment will be ready for the next City Council meeting.

Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo wanted to strip the city of any surplus leaving the city’s coffers completely empty.  That effort went on into the last hours before the arrival of 6th ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino.

There was no consensus budget effort with the mayor at all who wanted to follow professional municipal budgeting guidelines retaining a 5-10% budget surplus.  No explanation was ever given how a zero surplus met any professional standard.  Mason and Russo said they were approving one shot tax relief for the taxpayers, but many did not buy that stated reason.

Neither offered any budget cuts while they retained control of the council, while oppossing the efforts by Mayor Zimmer who reduced spending in the millions year over year.

Last call for budget sabotage.  With only hours left in their reign, Beth Mason and Mike Russo called back Councilman Nino Giacchi June 29th but there was nothing but whining and carping over their inability to force through a poisonous city budget amendment.  Now the Mayor’s administration gets a shot.

Talking Ed Note: MSV advocates tax reduction and has not moved from that position.  But what is not supported is political budget sabotage in one shot tax relief.  What Hoboken needs and deserves is sustainable tax relief.  The only way to get it is through hard work and making the tough decisions and lasting reductions.

The Council of No showed no desire for either.

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