Beth Mason on City’s FBI controlled emails: “I didn’t see yours”


Friday’s council meeting saw a packed agenda and a long list of pent up items from an ordinance on Corner Cars to consideration for November elections and anti-wheeling legislation.  In the mix was a resolution passed to end the Beth Mason witch-hunt for emails.

That original resolution sponsored by Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo never offered any factual basis for initiation.  It ended with the resolution passed Friday but not before some additional, unexpected outcomes.

In an interview after Friday’s City Council meeting, Councilwoman Beth Mason addressed several questions in an impromptu interview among them: the missing attachments to her ELEC report on $52,000 in street money, a letter discussed in an earlier meeting from the FBI requested by Councilwoman Carol Marsh and then the $64,000 question about the emails.

The question as yet unanswered by both parties, directed by MSV at both Councilman Mike Russo and Councilwoman Beth Mason Friday going back to early May is “Have you seen any of the emails you are requesting in the resolution you sponsored?”

After the council meeting, this question, the last of three was again posed to Councilwoman Beth Mason.  “What about the emails?”

Beth Mason paused, put on her sunglasses standing just out front of City Hall and replied, “I didn’t see yours.”  She repeated that answer one more time and then without saying another word, turned and began walking up Washington Street.

For the record, MSV has never asked about its emails.  The question has always been comprehensive concerning all the emails between the Administration, local media and the parties stated on her original resolution.

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno arrives at the council ceremony Friday and greets Councilwoman Beth Mason.  The Lt. Governor was previously deputy chief of the corruption unit for the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey from 1990 to 1998 and also the first woman sheriff of Monmouth County.

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