In a breaking exclusive, The Hudson County View confirmed Friday there are multiple investigations “ongoing” by federal law enforcement looking into the Hoboken Housing Authority.

The bombshell comes way of an interview yesterday with interim HHA Director Bob DiVincent who admitted the rumors circulating saying, “There are some investigations going on. The biggest one I’m aware of is the Office of the Inspector General has requested some documents on contracts that were part of the procurement investigation that HUD already did.”

The Office of the Inspector General falls under the US Department of Justice. Previous reports have pointed to million dollar procurement problems which have escalated over succeeding months when Carmelo Garcia was the Executive Director at the HHA.

The news of the federal investigations comes one day after Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia saw his third lawsuit become public. In this version, similar to the two previously filed since 2013, he accuses the mayor, the HHA and its board of illegally terminating his contract claiming he’s the victim of discrimination.

Garcia headed the HHA until his contract was terminated in a 5-2 vote by the HHA Board of Commissioners in a special meeting held at City Hall last August. Several weeks later, a scathing report surfaced by HUD pointing to major problems in federal procurement regulations in the millions of dollars. MSV previously broke the story of HHA vendors giving Garcia thousands of dollars to his political committee with no approved contract or HHA Board approval.

Another damning report pointing to numerous related issues was previously released by the HHA’s auditor. Carmelo Garcia has blamed Hurricane Sandy for much of the problems and pointed the finger at the oversight body of HHA commissioners, specifically its chair, Dana Wefer.  Oversight agencies however have discounted the claim.

News of the federal investigation into the HHA is likely to dampen enthusiasm for Garcia’s third litigation effort. Garcia’s attorney is Louis Zayas of “ethnic cleansing” fame.


Carmelo Garcia in his former HHA days appears to have
more to worry about with today’s news.
The Feds are all over the HHA investigating contract problems
and other related matters.

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