Beth Mason, her certifiable legion and a Godzilla Raccoon

Beth Mason who has made a self-inflicted cottage industry with her autobiographical political manual, “How to be politically tone-deaf, make war on your constituents and be self-righteous about it” is delivering her latest out of touch project on the second ward and Hoboken at large.

Her cause? Taking on monster raccoon and possum dog killers. She claims her dog was attacked by a critter and she’s receiving “more and more complaints” about her similar victimization among others. Two guiding rules here: a) It’s always about Beth Mason and b) Beth Mason is always the victim, no matter who she’s harming.

There was a complaint by a raving lunatic who apparently thinks if you support more corrupt people in Hoboken, you get more corruption and as you know dogs thrive on eating corruption.  (We’re going with the most logical explanation here through the eyes of the crazy.)

Looks like Beth Mason has identified a new electorate to take her side or perhaps they are natural allies because they are certifiable.

Here’s a spoof video of the “monster raccoon” terrorizing Hoboken, the Godzilla variety and Beth Mason in action at the last City Council meeting.

Be afraid Hoboken, be very afraid.


Original Godzilla Raccoon, courtesy of Yo Gregory! and of course Beth Mason.

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